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Clear Digital has a simple, straight-forward 3-step process:

User Experience Testing Packages

The following packages are a perfect way to start getting ahead of your competition online.

User Experience: Click Analysis Test

  • Kickoff Strategy Call
  • Analyze Visitor First Clicks
  • Analyze Time To First Click
  • Analyze Click Clusters
  • Analyze Website Content Hierarchy Effectiveness
  • Test Critical Website User Paths
  • Test Results Report

User Experience: Preference Test

  • Kickoff Strategy Call
  • Test Visual Assets Such As Photos
  • Test Logos & Branding
  • Test Marketing Copy
  • Follow Up Questions To Understand “The Why” Behind Feedback
  • Test Results Report

User Experience: First Impression Test

  • Kickoff Strategy Call
  • Timed 5 Second Test
  • Analyze First Impression
  • Measure Recall Of Design Elements
  • Optimize The Clarity Of Your Design & Messaging
  • Test Results Report

Use Experience Testing Benefits

The following are some key benefits of User Experience Testing:

  • Increase Revenue – Perhaps the most obvious benefit is to increase your revenue.  Providing a more intuitive, and frictionless user experience can increase your online conversion rate.

  • Determine Where Your Users Are Encountering Issues – User testing allows you to see where your website uses are having issues.  For example; website navigation that is not clear or consistent, specific features that do not work on mobile devices, or confusing information.

  • Reduce Customer Support Costs – For businesses that have staff members who provide customer support over the phone, email or chat, enhancing the online user experience can reduce the number of unnecessary inquiries from customers.  In doing so, you will save more time for your staff, while at the same time providing a more pleasing experience to your customers.

  • Gain A Competitive Advantage – A poor user experience will have a negative impact on your brand.  A good website and brand experience, on the other hand will have a positive impact – especially if your site experience is better than your competitor’s.

Make informed design & web decisions with User Experience Testing.  Make the switch to Clear Digital today.

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Quick User Experience Testing Statistics

Per recent releases by Google & Forrester the following are some key statistics that demonstrate the importance of design and web User Experience Testing.



If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, 50% of users will use it less – even if they like the business.



85% of adults believe a business’ mobile website experience should be as good or better than its desktop equivalent.



88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience.



A better user interface (website front-end) could raise your website’s conversion rate by 200%, and a better user experience design could yield conversion rates of up to 400%.

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