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Personal Website Development Packages

The following package is a great way to showcase yourself – whether it’s your experience, a portfolio of work, or more.  Set yourself apart from others and showcase your talents!

WordPress Personal Website Development

  • Home Section
  • About Section
  • Work Section
  • Experience Section
  • Skills Section
  • Clients Section
  • Contact Section

Personal Website Development Benefits

The following are some key benefits of Personal Website Development:

  • Gain A Competitive Advantage – By having a personal website you’ll stand apart from your competition.  People often turn to Google to see what they can find out about potential new business partners, consultants, or new potential employees.  Personal websites are applicable for a wide range of scenarios from consultants to working professionals looking for a career change to recent graduates.

  • A Personal Website Is Dynamic – A website is a great way to show your creativity, and add engaging content elements such as video, and other dynamic content.

  • Easily Shared – Personal websites are easy to share with potential buyers, partners and new potential employers.  Easily share your website URL and link to content within your website.

  • 24 / 7 Sales Partner Working For You – Just like any website, your personal website works for your 24 ours a day.  Prospective clients, partners, recruiters and employers can find it via Google.

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from your competition, consider a personal website.  Make the switch to Clear Digital today.

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Quick Personal Website Development Statistics

Per a recent release by Forbes the following are some key statistics to consider when it comes to résumé websites.



Surprisingly, despite the benefits to differentiate themselves over other candidates, only 7% of active job seekers have a résumé website.



80% of employers say they use Google searches when looking to fill a position.  Due to the fact that your online résumé website is searchable, it gives you more control over your online reputation.



80% of job seekers want a personal website (yet, only 7% have one).  A tremendous opportunity for those that make the move to get one.



The average job posting receives 250 applications.  Make sure you have the best chance to get noticed, by leveraging a résumé website.

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